11 Celebrities You Never Knew Had a Twin

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1- Daryl Sabara

The Spy Kids star — and Megan Trainor’s fiancé — is one minute older than twin brother Evan, according to Daryl’s IMDb page.

Evan is also an actor, and had small roles in both Spy Kids and Spy Kids 3: Game Over.

2- Peyton List

The Disney Channel star has a twin brother named Spencer, who is also an actor.

He’s guest-starred on his sister’s show, Bunk’d, and had a recurring role on The Fosters.

3- Laverne Cox

The Orange Is the New Black star has a twin brother named M Lamar, who is a musician. He played Laverne’s OITNB character Sophia, pre-transition.

Laverne told Conan O’Brien that her bro once got mistaken for her. While she was understandably offended by that, he was offended because someone thought he was an actor.

4- Willow Shields

Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games franchise has a twin sister named Autumn. Though she’s acted in a couple of short films and a TV movie, Autumn hasn’t added a new credit to her IMDb page since 2014.

5- Siva Kaneswaran

The Wanted (RIP) band member has a twin named Kumar.

6- Scarlett Johansson

The Avengers star has a twin named Hunter, who works in politics. In 2008, he was part of President Barack Obama's campaign and reelection.

7- Aaron Carter

The musician has a twin sister named Angel.

During Angel's wedding to Corey Conrad in 2014, Aaron actually walked his sis down the aisle. Cute!

8- Caroline Flack

The Xtra Factor and The X Factor presenter who used to date a then-17-year-old Harry Styles has a twin sister named Jody.

9- Ashton Kutcher

The That '70s Show star has a twin named Michael. Back in 2017, during his acceptance speech for the Robert D. Ray Pilliar of Character Award for demonstrating "good character as a role model," he spoke highly of Michael:

10- Shawn Ashmore

The cutie from the DCOM Cadet Kelly you totally crushed on growing up (AKA Cadet Major Brad Rigby) has a twin brother named Aaron.

On his IMDb page, Shawn allegedly said, "My brother and I have been in auditions where they said to our agents, 'We like them both, so we're just going to flip a coin.'" Talk about pressure!

11- Rami Malek

The Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsodystar has a twin named Sami, who is a teacher. According to Rami's IMDb page, Sami is younger by four minutes.

source: seventeen

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